Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Individual Banana Pudding

May 17, 2015Danita
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Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Banana Pudding is possibly the ultimate spring and summer Southern dessert!  We will make it all year round but it’s perfect for a spring time picnic or pot luck.  

My son is a HUGE banana pudding fan.  In fact, last year for his birthday he asked for banana pudding rather than a birthday cake.  When he found out I was making Individual Banana Pudding he was SUPER excited!  The possibility of being able to make himself banana pudding whenever he wanted was like a dream come true.  The perfect snack for a Southern boy!  

Using Snack Pack Pudding made it so easy!  I remember Snack Pack Pudding from my elementary school lunches. Hardly a day went by that I didn’t find a yummy chocolate pudding in my lunch box.  Back in those days it was a little metal can with a pull-top lid, which was promptly licked to get every last morsel of chocolatey goodness.  Just so you know, that’s NOT a good idea!  

Today, it’s the same great taste in a nice plastic cup with an Easy Open Lid….and no sharp edges.  Sometimes I wonder how my generation ever survived childhood?  

Here’s how we made them:

Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

All you need is Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding cups, banana slices and vanilla flavored wafer cookies

Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Remove about half the pudding from a cup and set aside

Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Drop in a couple of the vanilla flavored wafers

Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Place about 3 banana slices on top of wafer

Individual Banana Pudding #SnackPackMixins

Return reserved pudding to cup and top with quartered banana slices

Place a couple of wafers on the edges of cup

Individual banana pudding #SnackPackMixins

Top with a dollop of whipped topping and crushed wafers for garnish

The ultimate test was yet to come.  How would it compare to traditional banana pudding?  According to my son….Exactly the same!  

What about all the Chocolate Lover’s out there?

Snack Pack has a brand new product and you’re among the first to know! 

Individual banana pudding #SnackPackMixins

Snack Pack Pudding Bars…available at your local Walmart May 18th!

Individual banana pudding #SnackPackMixins

They are delicious by themselves or added to a Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding cup!

Either of these would make the perfect great grab-and-go treat or dessert for a springtime picnic or party! 

Individual banana pudding #SnackPackMixins

Everything you need can be found at your local Walmart!

Do you have a favorite Snack Pack Mix-in?

Individual banana pudding #SnackPackMixins







  • wyominggirlcoastiewife

    May 19, 2015 at 2:07 PM

    These are great! My kids love bananas and I bet they’d love these as well! #client

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