Birthday Traditions

October 1, 2013Danita

Our family enjoys traditions.  We believe family traditions are very important.  They are a great way to make wonderful memories, pass along family history, and encourage unity.  It is for that reason that we have traditions for almost every holiday or occasion…including birthdays.  There are four things we usually do for birthdays in our family.  

  1. Go out to eat at a restaurant of the birthday person’s choosing
  2. Have a meal at home of the birthday person’s choosing
  3. Eat birthday cake, which the birthday person also gets to choose
  4. Gifts, which the birthday person may make suggestions, requests or subtle hints, (including emailing the Amazon wish list to his wife) but DOES NOT get to choose.

*Optional: If you are old enough to ask for it and young enough to want it, you may have a party.

As you may notice, several of these things involve FOOD, as do most of our traditions.  

My husband’s birthday was Friday and ALL four of the birthday traditions this year involved FOOD.  This week I will be sharing how we celebrated.

Just a hint….he didn’t request the “optional” tradition, which means he does not fall into the category of “young enough to want one”.


  • Elaine

    October 3, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    Family traditions are so important. When your children are grown and on their own, you will truly realize the importance. Such precious memories we have because of tradition.

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