• Any Flavor Buttermilk Coffee Cake

    November 26, 2013Danita

    I really enjoy a “down to earth” recipe.  By that I mean a recipe that taste great, looks inviting and uses simple ingredients.  For me, there’s nothing better than finding a new recipe that uses ingredients that I already have in the pantry.  When I’m looking through a cookbook and find a recipe that looks…

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  • Baked Oatmeal

    November 6, 2013Danita

    As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we had quite an exciting weekend.  And around here, exciting things require FOOD…and plenty of it.   Saturday started off with our daughter’s black belt test.  These tests are several hours long and require a good, hearty breakfast.  With this in mind, she chose Baked Oatmeal.  We…

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  • Chocolate Crescents

    October 24, 2013Danita

    This is one of those dishes that you only need to have once and you’re hooked. My mom loves these so I try to make them when my parents visit.  It just so happens, they will be here in a couple of days, but the recipe makes about thirty-two and we don’t need to eat…

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  • Better Than a Box Blueberry Pancakes

    September 16, 2013Danita

    For years I used the “just add water” box pancake mix.  When my husband was single, he thought the “bottle” pancakes were the greatest invention since sliced bread.  If you’re not familiar, it’s the pancake mix in a large plastic “bottle” type container.  Water is added right to the container and shaken.  It is then…

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  • No Rise Cinnamon Rolls

    September 10, 2013Danita

    Last weekend our daughter had a friend over to spend the night.  We wanted to make something special for breakfast.  I chose these No Rise Cinnamon Rolls because they take much less time than most homemade cinnamon rolls.  They looked (and tasted) so good I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.  They aren’t…

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