• New Year’s Day Black Eyed Peas

    December 31, 2014Danita

    Different countries around the world have traditional foods that are eaten on New Year’s Day, usually believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the New Year.   China, Japan and other Asian countries eat long noodles.  Cuba, Spain and Portugal enjoy pork.  In the Philippines and Europe round fruits.  In Turkey it’s the pomegranate….and…

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  • Quick Soaking Dried Beans

    December 30, 2014Danita

    Dried beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein.  They’re economical and versatile.  The only drawback….they need to be soaked several hours before cooking, best done overnight.  It’s a simple step that requires little effort but one I have a difficult time remembering.  Today on Time Saving Tuesday, I’m going to share with you…

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  • Apple Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    November 19, 2014Danita

    Sweet Potatoes have recently become “popular” everywhere, but in the South folks have been eating them since they were knee-high to a grasshopper.  Interpretation: All their lives.   When we lived “up north” we would go on vacation in the fall.  We’d always go South to visit family or friends and thankfully, it was usually…

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  • Time Saving Tuesday Mashed Potatoes

    November 11, 2014Danita

    Mashed Potatoes…A Thanksgiving Staple! I’ve come to realize from living in different areas of the country and talking to people from others, that holiday food is regional.  In the northeast, “filling” (made from white bread) is served with their turkey.  In the south, it’s cornbread dressing. In the Pacific northwest, the dressing is often made…

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  • Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

    November 3, 2014Danita

    These Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots are a family favorite! We don’t eat a lot of casseroles.  I’m more of a “meat and two sides” kinda cook.  You know, a meat, a starch and a green veggie, but sometimes I like to add carrots as an extra side dish.   Cinnamon and Brown Sugar…

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