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Date Night at P. F. Chang’s

July 19, 2014Danita

P F Changs 078

Before our kids were old enough to stay by themselves, my husband and I didn’t go on too many “date nights”.  We’d weigh the cost of buying a couple of kid meals against the cost of a babysitter and then end taking them with us.  Now that they’re older my husband and I go out by ourselves more often…and to nicer places!  This time we had our Date Night at P.F.Chang’s.  

We love P.F.Chang’s but it had been YEARS since we’d been there, so we were VERY excited about going…and “Sparking Something New” with thier menu of small plates and sushi.  

We arrived early and requested a seat on the patio in order to take advantage of P.F.Chang’s “Happy Hour” 3-7 deals.  From 3-7 p.m. all small plates and sushi are only $3- $7!  

Our server, Kevin, greeted us with a warm welcome and had some great suggestions for us.  We decided we’d like to try as many of the new items as possible.  

P F Changs 086 

We started off with the Jicama (pronounced He-ca-ma) Pork Tacos (lemongrass seared pork topped with a refreshing tropical pepper slaw served in jicama “shells”).  They were DELICIOUS!  They had a wonderful flavor with just the right amount of heat from the peppers.  I loved the presentation…so colorful!  The only thing better than tasty food is beautiful, tasty food.  My husband liked these best.  When we finished trying everything we ordered a second small plate of these!  And at only $5 why not?!

P F Changs 088

Our next selection, Handmade Pork Dumplings, was probably my favorite!  The dumplings come steamed or pan-fried (we chose pan-fried) and drizzled with a light chili sauce.  Each order comes with four, so they’re perfect for sharing.  I loved them because they tasted exactly like Gyoza, a dish I enjoyed while visiting Japan many, many years ago.  I’ve made them at home a few times but just can’t get the flavor quite right.  P. F. Chang’s got it perfect!   

P F Changs 083

For us, the Lettuce Wraps are always a “must-have” when visiting P.F.Chang’s.

P F Changs 091

We couldn’t pass up the Saigon Summer Rolls…lemongrass chicken, julienne carrots, celery root, cilantro, peanuts, Thai basil and mint wrapped in cool rice paper, with a sweet chili dipping sauce.  They had a very refreshing flavor with just a hint of mint.  Also, quite good.

P F Changs 103

I love sushi so I couldn’t wait to try the Tempura Shrimp Hand Roll.  It was Ah-mazing!  Inside was crisp tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and Japanese rice, hand-rolled in a sesame-soy wrap.  It was the perfect blend of textures!  A little crunch from the shrimp and cucumber mixed with tender Japanese rice and creamy avocado.  A Sushi Lovers delight!  

P F Changs 104

I’d like to tell you that with all that food we took home a little for the next day, but the honest truth is….we ate it ALL and even ordered…

P F Changs 1


P. F. Chang’s is a great place to have a date night or spend time with friends.  The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, the staff is courteous, the food is delicious, their new small plates and sushi are beautiful, tasty and perfect for sharing!  Click here to find a location near you!  See more small plate and sushi choices here!  

   *Thanks to P.F. Chang’s for sponsoring today’s discussion  and for the tasty date night!


  • DesignedDecor

    July 21, 2014 at 7:09 AM

    I love P.F. Changs. We don’t have one near us, so when I am traveling, I do try to stop and enjoy a great meal.

  • Sarah Mueller

    July 20, 2014 at 6:27 AM

    That food looks amazing! I’ve never been to PF Chang’s. You’ve tempted me!

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