DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Easy DIY Bridesmaids’ Bouquet

July 7, 2016Danita
This Easy DIY Bridesmaids’ Bouquet is sponsored by my friends at  I highly recommend them as the best way to save money when planning a wedding or other event.  All opinions are my own.

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Hi!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Independence Day with family and friends. 

If you’re one of my regular readers you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting many recipes lately and for that I apologize.  We’re in the middle of wedding planning for our daughter and we are coming down to the wire.  We’re at 24 days and counting!  So, I’ve been a little preoccupied.  I hope you’ll indulge me one more time as I share another DIY Wedding How-To. 

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Today, it’s an Easy DIY Bridesmaid Bouquet.

If you remember, we are doing all the wedding flowers ourselves.  This is absolutely the easiest way to save money!  Bouquets and boutonnieres are WAY easier than you many think.  I promise you….if I can do it, anyone can! 

To get an idea of how much we are saving I decided to check with a local florist just to see what she would charge for making the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  I can tell you, I could barely believe the price…… $102.00 EACH!  The bouquets would contain about 20 roses, 3 red and the rest white.  With four bridesmaids that added up to $408….plus tax!  I can’t even imagine what they would charge for the Bridal Bouquet! 

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Needless to say, I was even more thankful for!  I knew I was saving money but I had no idea how much.  By getting the flowers from FiftyFlowers I will be able to make the bouquets for less than half the cost I was quoted!  The quality of the flowers is amazing!  They are so beautiful and delivered right to your door.  Orders can be placed weeks ahead and delivery date set.  Convenient and inexpensive…..SCORE!!!  Also, because of my relationship with FiftyFlowers, they are offering my readers an extra 10% off all orders through August 1, 2016!  How cool is that?!  Just use the code OTASTE10 at checkout. 

Here’s How-To:

The design for this bouquet was my daughter’s.  Of course, any color roses could be used….the same steps would apply.


  • Bouquet holder – your choice, depending on what you like.  
  • Flower Food (from local florist)
  • Branch Cutters
  • Floralock (floral glue)
  • Crowning Glory (floral spray)
  • Vase to sit holder in as you assemble
  • Towel (to absorb water as you work)


  • 15-18 roses (we’re using Polar Star White Roses because they are a pure white)
  • 3 roses in contrasting color (ours are Freedom Red roses)
  • 5-6 sprigs of Leather Leaf
  • 3-5 springs of Tree Fern, Lily Grass or other greenery as “filler” (we used Tree Fern)

*Flowers should be kept in water prepared with floral food.  If they have not, prepare water according to flower food directions.  Make a fresh angled cut on the stem of the rose and allow to sit in fortified water 3-4 hours before using. This will insure proper hydration and make roses last longer*

DIY Bridesmaids' Bouquet #ad #Fiftyflower

We chose these holders because they give a perfectly “round” bouquet…which is what we were looking for.  These holders are designed with small holes at the bottom specifically for greenery.  All flowers will go in the sections above the white “rim”.  

Another good option would be the Gala Bouquet Holder in the small size. 

DIY Bridesmaids' Bouquet #ad #Fiftyflower

About 1 hr before starting to assemble, prepare fresh water with flower food according to package directions.  Containers with tall sides work best.

Place the end of the bouquet holder that will hold flowers in water…. DO NOT SUBMERGE!!  This will cause air pockets in floral foam and may prevent some flowers from getting water.  

Gently, lay holder on top of water and allow it to submerge as it becomes saturated with the water.  Allow to soak about an hour.

DIY Bridesmaids' Bouquet #ad #Fiftyflower

When ready to assemble, place a towel on work surface to absorb any drips and help keep flower blooms dry

Place the handle of the bouquet holder in a small vase to allow it to sit upright and turn easily for assembly

DIY Bridesmaids' Bouquet #ad #Fiftyflower

You may want to choose the largest most open white rose for the very top of our bouquet

One at a time, using branch cutters, cut stems of three white roses about 2″ long

DIY Bridesmaids' Bouquet #ad #Fiftyflower

Place them in a triangle at bottom of holder, just above the “rim”

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Cut and place 3-4 more white roses along the base of the holder, between the 3 you just placed

Next, cut stems of the 3 red roses and place in a triangle above the white circle just created

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Place the large white rose that was set aside right in the center on top….or if you prefer not to have one rose at the top, place 2-3 between the red, depending on size of blooms

Continue to cut and place roses until holder is filled.    

When placing flowers be careful to push them in evenly so one doesn’t stick up higher than the rest.  This can be adjusted as you go

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

When all flowers have been placed cut stems of fern to desired length and place in the holes on the underneath side of the holder

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Place sprigs of tree-fern (or other filler) to fill in any gaps between flowers or around red roses to accent

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

To insure everything stays in place, insert straw into Floralock nozzle

Holding straw between flowers GENTLY spray the base of each to lock flowers in place

Be very careful with the Floralock, spraying too much can cause glue to get on pedals or drip down handle

DIY Bridal Bouquet #ad #DIYWedding

It’s important to clean the Floralock straw thoroughly when finished.  Do this by placing it upside down in a trash can and spraying until it stops spraying.  This forces all the glue out of the straw

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

Mist lightly with Crowning Glory floral spray.  This will help flowers stay fresh longer

 DIY Bridesmaids Bouquet #ad #FiftyFlowers

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