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Keep Peeled Apples from Turning Brown

September 23, 2014Danita

It’s officially the first day of fall, which means lots of great “fall foods”.  My favorite are apple recipes so I’m sharing a tip for using fresh apples.

Time Saving Tuesday….

Tomorrow I’m sharing a great fall recipe that calls for peeled and cored apples.  Recipes like this come with one big question…when to peel the apples?  You don’t want the cake batter to sit too long before putting it in the oven so you can’t peel them last.  Apples turn brown so fast, if you peel them first they don’t look very appetizing when you need to use them.  So, HOW DO you keep peeled apples from turning brown?  

Good question.  

Here’s what I do….

apple bundt cake 025

Fill large bowl or measuring cup with cool water, leaving room for apples

Add a squirt of lemon juice – it doesn’t take much- and give it a quick stir

Peel, core and slice apple

Immediately place them in water so that they are fully submerged

When ready to use, remove from water and drain, drying is not necessary…they won’t taste like lemon


There you have it. 

Crisp perfect apples, ready for your favorite fall apple recipes!













  • livingmommywood

    September 23, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    Wow! Thanks will start using this tip ASAP I always end up throwing them out because of that, thanks for share:)

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