Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

November 16, 2016Danita
This post was written by me on behalf of US Family Guide and Medieval Times.  I will receive complementary tickets in order to facilitate my review.



If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family this holiday season (or any time) Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament could be a great option.  It’s a wonderful way to enjoy dinner and a show.

It’s perfect for all ages.  We’ve been twice, once with just our family and once with an older couple that were visiting from out-of-town.  

The show is really well done.  All the knights begin as squires, just as they did in the Middle Ages.  They learn horse care, sword fighting and weaponry.  Because real metal weapons and authentic armor are used each squire is required to train for at least six months.  And the horses!  Medieval Times is the #1 breeder of pure Spanish horses in North America.  Each year 25 foals are born at Chapel Creek Ranch, where they spend two years training.  After 15-20 years of performing the horses return to the ranch to enjoy retirement.  

Then there’s the food….DELICIOUS!  The best tomato soup I’ve had, butter garlic bread, roasted potatoes, a tender juicy half chicken and my son’s favorite…BBQ spare rib and the flakies pastry you’ve ever had….YUM!!  Now, be warned…you do have to eat with your fingers, but honestly it’s not bad.  You’re kids will love it!  And if you just don’t think you can do it, you can do like my daughter….sneak in some plastic ware in your purse…not kidding, she did!  Ha!

Now through February 28, 2017, Medieval Times is offering my readers an exclusive offer!  Just visit the Medieval Times website and use promo code MT3629.  Your exclusive offer is adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95, but remember, it’s only good through 2/18/17.  I’m looking forward to scheduling my visit!  

So, check it out, plan your visit (don’t forget to use your promo code) and stop back by and tell me what you enjoyed most!



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