#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad

Reuben Sandwich and Giveaway

July 23, 2015Danita
Coupons and compensation were provided from Oroweat® in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad


Does your family have a favorite sandwich?  Oroweat® has the perfect contest for you….America’s Better Sandwich Contest!

Also, scroll down and enter to win coupons for some wonderful Oroweat® Bread AND $25 Visa Gift Card, provided by Oroweat®. 

Today, I’m featuring one of my husband’s favorite sandwiches, Reuben Sandwich, to help promote the contest.  A Reuben Sandwich is a hot sandwich made with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and 1,000 Island Dressing.  It’s all put together on Rye bread….don’t substitute, it’s key to making the sandwich “authentic”.    

Orowea®t Rye is a great option not only for taste but for the nutritional value.  The Russian Rye has no trans fats, cholesterol, or high fructose corn syrup and it’s only eighty calories per slice.

Here’s the Recipe: 

Reuben #America's Better Sandwich #ad

  • Deli sliced corned beef
  • Sauerkraut – drained 
  • Oroweat® Russian Rye bread
  • Swiss cheese
  • 1000 Island dressing
  • Butter

#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad

Heat a skillet or griddle (cast iron works best) and butter one side of each slice of bread

Before putting bread on skillet, heat corned beef just until warm

Remove from skillet and place each slice of bread, butter side down, on skillet

#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad

On one slice of bread place cheese and corned beef (probably best to place cheese on bread then meat on top)

#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad

On second slice of bread, spread with 1,000 Island Dressing and top with drained sauerkraut 

Allow bread to toast and cheese to melt

Place 1st slice on top of 2nd and continue to grill and turn sandwich until toasted and crispy, but not too dark

#America's Better Sandwich Oroweat Reuben #ad 5

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#America's Better Sandwich logo Oroweat #ad Reuben

What you need to know about America’s Better Sandwich Contest: 

  • The sandwich architect whose filling matches the goodness of Oroweat® Bread will win a grand prize of $25,000.
  • Before entering an original better sandwich, entrants should make sure their recipes include any of the Oroweat® Whole Grain Sliced Breads, including the new Healthfull® bread varieties, or any of the Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® Rolls varieties.
  • This year’s contest includes five (5) exciting sandwich categories including:
    • “Creative Classics” (nutritious spins on sandwich creations that have stood the test of time, such as grandma’s club sandwich, BLT or other old-time favorites)
    • “Fueling Good” (these sandwiches should incorporate ingredients that help boost your energy such as healthful fats, protein, fiber and iron)
    • “Open-Face Artistry” (sandwiches are works of art for the world to see, and these snacks and meals announce their ingredients—like sharp cheddar or tasty tuna— sans second slice, highlighting bold colors and textures)
    • “Breakfast in Bread” (these sandwiches, featuring nutritious breakfast favorites like eggs and yogurt, invoke images of cozy mornings in bed or boisterous brunches with friends)
    • “Love, Healthfully” (celebrate our new Healthfull® Breads with innovative recipes that play off nuanced, foodie-approved ingredients like honey, flax and sunflower seeds)
  • The recipe in each sandwich category with the highest score will receive a $5,000 category prize.
  • Entries will be accepted June 15th – August 23rd, online consumer voting will take place September 21st – October 18th, and the winners will be announced on National Sandwich Day -November 3rd.
  • Oroweat®  bread will donate one loaf of bread (up to 100,000 loaves) to Feeding America for each valid entry submission during the entry period and vote received during the online voting phase of the 2015 “America’s Better Sandwich” Contest
*Availability: Oroweat® bread is available across the Western U.S. and can be found in the Midwestern U.S. as Brownberry® bread and in the Eastern U.S. as Arnold® bread

All prizes provided by Oroweat®

Giveaway ends July 30th and winner will be determined by random draw.
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