• Mrs. Fisher’s Cream Cheese Icing

    April 29, 2015Danita

    Yesterday, I shared with you Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake…probably THE easiest made from scratch cake you’ll ever make….and THE best Carrot Cake.EVER.   I mentioned that one of the things that makes this cake so yummy is….the icing is almost as thick as the cake.  Now before you click away because you don’t like so…

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  • Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake

    April 28, 2015Danita

    Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake is honestly THE BEST carrot cake I’ve ever eaten!  It might be in part because the decadent cream cheese frosting is almost as thick as the cake!?  I got this recipe from….well, Mrs. Fisher….obviously.  Mrs. Fisher is a sweet lady we know in Pennsylvania.  Actually, she’s my husband’s-brother’s- wife’s-mother aka my…

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  • Boston Cream Pie

    April 13, 2015Danita

    Boston Cream Pie is my absolute favorite “pie”….probably because it’s not really a pie, it’s cake!  And I prefer Cake over Pie. Why do they call it “pie”?  I have no idea.  I’m sure Google has all the background and information you would every want to know about the history of Boston Cream Pie.  I…

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  • Sharing Home Cooked Love

    January 5, 2015Danita

    The holidays have always been a very special time for us but this year Thanksgiving was even more special.  We live across the country from our family.  My in-laws live about 750 miles away and my husband has one brother. who lives in Pennsylvania, a REALLY long way from Texas!   Last summer we realized…

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  • Epic Fails of 2014

    January 3, 2015Danita

    Yesterday I was thrilled to post the pride and joy of O Taste and See….Top 10 of 2014!  All the wonderfully yummy, beautifully pictured successes of last year.  The things that went “right”.   Today, it is with great humility I give you what went “wrong”…some TERRIBLY wrong.  These are the things you DIDN”T see…

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