• National Chocolate Mint Day

    February 19, 2018Danita

    Happy National Chocolate Mint Day! I love a good “food holiday”.  And what is today but National Chocolate Mint Day! Who knew?!  For those of you who are super-fans of the chocolate-mint combo, I have FIVE amazing recipes to help you celebrate! Chocolate Mint Brownies Chocolate Mint Cake Balls   Homemade Peppermint Bark Peppermint Ice Cream…

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  • Chocolate Mint Brownies

    March 17, 2015Danita

    It’s Time Saving Tuesday and St. Patrick’s Day so I’m sharing a quick and easy way to make a pan of minty, sweet, deliciousness….Chocolate Mint Brownies!   Brownies from a box…the quickest, easiest, best tasting dessert when you’re in a hurry.  Go ahead and admit it, you love them. Who doesn’t? And why not?  What’s…

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