• Mrs. Fisher’s Cream Cheese Icing

    April 29, 2015Danita

    Yesterday, I shared with you Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake…probably THE easiest made from scratch cake you’ll ever make….and THE best Carrot Cake.EVER.   I mentioned that one of the things that makes this cake so yummy is….the icing is almost as thick as the cake.  Now before you click away because you don’t like so…

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  • Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake

    April 28, 2015Danita

    Mrs. Fisher’s Carrot Cake is honestly THE BEST carrot cake I’ve ever eaten!  It might be in part because the decadent cream cheese frosting is almost as thick as the cake!?  I got this recipe from….well, Mrs. Fisher….obviously.  Mrs. Fisher is a sweet lady we know in Pennsylvania.  Actually, she’s my husband’s-brother’s- wife’s-mother aka my…

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