• Cajun Boiled Peanuts

    February 11, 2015Danita

    Ok, first…..HUGE thanks to my friend Esther at Laugh With Us Blog for posting this recipe, allowing me to share it AND for bringing me the peanuts!   There are so many things to say about Cajun Boiled Peanuts!   First, my family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them!  But, they are impossible to find in Texas.…

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  • Chocolate Pretzel Cookie Bars

    March 31, 2014Danita

    A few months ago I began to realize I have an overwhelming number of old magazines! Most of them Southern Living, my favorite.  My problem is, I just have a hard time throwing things away…I mean, what if I need it?  That’s how I was feeling about all these magazines. Such great ideas and recipes just couldn’t…

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