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Time Saving Tuesday – Car Tips

September 26, 2017Danita

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Today’s Time Saving Tuesday is all about saving time when it comes to cars.   

Cars #ad

In a few weeks my daughter and I will be embarking on a new adventure.  We’re going on a cruise!  We’re SUPER excited and I can’t wait to share it with y’all but right now we’re in the “detail” stage.  

We’ve booked the cruise and the plane tickets.  We’re still looking for a reasonable hotel and rental car.  Our cruise will depart and return to Miami and we can easily get a shuttle to the port.  But when we return, we’ve decided to rent a car and drive from Miami to Tampa to visit with close friends (really more like family) before returning home.  

cars #ad

The rental car has been one of the harder things to decide on.  There are SOOOO many options.  

Cars #ad

It’s been some time since we’ve looked at cars and I really don’t know a whole lot about what’s out there.  Plus, there’s so many things to take into consideration:

  • It’s a 5 hour trip, so we want a quiet, comfortable ride
  • We are on a budget, so we need to consider fuel economy
  • We’re girls, so we need to make sure there’s enough room for our luggage

It would be nice to find a website that could tell me all these things…and more.  I came across and signed up…for free, of course.  This site is a wealth of information. Even though it’s primarily directed at car buyers it has information on just about anything car related…. buying and selling tips, safety tips, maintenance, do-it-yourself repairs, as well as videos and reviews so you can see what “real ” people are saying.  

We aren’t ready to buy a car right now, but my daughter may be soon.  When she’s ready we’ll definitely be directing her to for all the information she’ll need.  

Also, as a part of Child Seat Safety Week is sharing this great video.  It’s a wonderful resource for new parents (or grandparents!)

I’ll keep you posted on which car we choose to rent.



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