Airing My Dirty Laundry

June 29, 2015Danita
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You probably know by now I’m not one to air my dirty laundry online, but today, I am!

Literally, I’m airing my dirty laundry….as in the clothes we’ve worn this week that are piling up on my bathroom floor waiting oh-so-patiently to be washed.  

Laundry is one of the things I’ve always struggled to keep up with.  There are five of us – sometimes seven if my in-laws are here and if my parents happen to be here too, there’s nine of us.  That’s a lot of laundry!  

When everyone is here, most are very patient and quite helpful with the laundry.  My son, however, not so much…especially if his favorite white shorts are dirty.  Yes, a thirteen year old boy who loves to play outside in white shorts….Why? You may be asking.  Good question.

I have no idea.  He just got it in his head, in the middle of winter, that he wanted a pair of white basketball shorts. Did anyone else, besides me, notice all the oxymorons in that last sentence?  Finding shorts at all in the winter isn’t easy, much less white and anyone who’s ever been or has had a boy of any age knows white shorts are NOT the best idea. Nevertheless, every time I would head out to Walmart, he would call after me, “Look for some white basketball shorts” and I would….to no avail.

Until one day, probably around Thanksgiving, lo and behold what did I see at Walmart but….white basketball shorts!

Guess what my son got for Christmas?  

#TotalBleachControl Clorox

Yes, white basketball shorts…along with everything else he has on…and he had to put it all on right away.

Of course, it didn’t take long before those shorts were not nearly as white as they should have been.  He plays outside in them all the time and even though I can usually get most of the dirt out, they are stained.  

With white clothes, there’s good news and bad news.  The good news…they can be bleached.  The bad news…they can be bleached!  I don’t know about you, but I get VERY nervous using liquid bleach.  Every time I start to use it, I put on my oldest clothes, cover them with an apron and clear everything away within a twenty-foot radius…and still I can sometimes manage to splash bleach on something.

I must not be the only one….Clorox®, the undisputed leader in bleach, has come out with two brand new products!

#TotalBleachControl Clorox   

Clorox® Bleach Crystals and Clorox® Bleach Packs™.  The power of Clorox® Bleach is now easier to use with less mess.  The water activated component of Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Bleach Packs™ takes the fear out of using bleach with no more spills, splashes, or bleach damage to your clothing.  Clorox® Bleach water activated products only start working when you want them to!  

#TotalBleachControl Clorox Bleach Crystals

Clorox® Bleach Packs™ provide easy “toss and go” convenience using bleach in laundry.  These are going to be perfect for sending to our oldest daughter who’s working at summer camp.  I’m sure she could use them!  

But do they work as well as liquid bleach?  You be the judge….

Collars of my husband’s white shirts

#TotalBleachControl Clorox Bleach crystals

And of course….THE White Shorts…

#TotalBleachControl Clorox Bleach crystals

Just so you know, there’s NO photo-shopping going on…I’m not that tech savvy…seriously!

Same great Clorox® Bleach power that you trust!

 So, next time you’re at Walmart looking for white basketball shorts, make sure you pick up some Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Bleach Packs™ to go with them!

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  • Meagan

    June 30, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    I actually need this right now! I have a pair of white shorts that got really dirty and I can’t get the stains out. Going to the store to get some of this!

  • Heather {Brie Brie Blooms}

    June 30, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    I bet your son is happy about his white shorts too! Clorox® makes being mom easy! #client

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