• Chocolate Crescents

    October 24, 2013Danita

    This is one of those dishes that you only need to have once and you’re hooked. My mom loves these so I try to make them when my parents visit.  It just so happens, they will be here in a couple of days, but the recipe makes about thirty-two and we don’t need to eat…

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  • Food Blogger Cookie Swap

    October 17, 2013Danita

      Yesterday I signed up for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap I saw this yesterday on Facebook and was immediately drawn to it.  Cookie swaps are so much fun and this one is by mail.  I was telling my “cookie loving” daughter about it and she got as excited as I was.  Three dozen…

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  • Frozen Cookies and Cream Dessert

    October 10, 2013Danita

      Technically it’s Fall, but here it’s warm again, and as long as it’s warm we might as well have ice cream, right? As I was preparing to have our church ladies over, I remembered this dessert. It had been YEARS since I’d made it.  In fact, so many years my children didn’t remember ever…

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  • Celebrating a Birthday Part 2 – Snicker Cake

    October 3, 2013Danita

    As my husband was preparing to leave for work Friday morning, which was his birthday, and we were all saying good-bye, someone asked, “Hey, what kind of birthday cake are you having?”  A perfectly reasonable question to ask a person on their birthday, unless their wife forgot about the cake!   We were going out…

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  • Southern Fried Apples

    September 27, 2013Danita

    I’d like to start by saying, I’m not really sure why they are called “fried” apples.  They’re not actually fried. They are cooked on top of the stove in a skillet or pot without any oil.   If you’ve ever been to Cracker Barrel you may be familiar with Fried Apples.  Cracker Barrel serves them…

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