• After Eight Years In Texas…Tri Tip Is As Close As I Get To Brisket

    November 4, 2013Danita

    Today I am Thankful for…..God’s guidance and wisdom in my life This week we will celebrate our eighth year as Texans.  Little did we know as we unloaded the moving truck in our driveway how much this would change our lives.  It wasn’t our first “cross country” move but, Lord willing, it will be our…

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  • Italian Dressing Chicken

    October 31, 2013Danita

    I have always loved to watch cooking shows on TV.  I remember watching Julia Child when I was young, probably on PBS because we didn’t have cable.  My favorite has always been Paula Dean (even if she did say something thirty years ago that she now regrets; really, who hasn’t said something they’ve later regretted…probably…

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  • Rosemary Chicken With Almonds

    October 18, 2013Danita

    To a Southerner, there’s nothing that compares to fried food! There’s not much to say about this dish except that it is GOOD.  It’s official name is “Chicken Almondine”, that’s just a fancy way to say “chicken with almonds”.  The main spice for this recipe is rosemary, which my son used to call “sticks”.  He…

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  • Birthday Celebration Part 3 – Boliche

    October 4, 2013Danita

    This week I’ve been talking about how we celebrate birthdays.  So far I talked about where we went out to eat and the birthday cake. Now it’s time for the Birthday Meal at home.   Since most of our Birthday Traditions involve food, we can’t do ALL of them on the same day.  We went out for…

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  • Big Red Soup

    September 23, 2013Danita

      It’s Fall…or at least it was Saturday! I must confess, although I enjoy being a “Texan”, I MISS the Fall, very much!  Lately, it seems as if everyone out there has been posting comments about how much they are enjoying their “cool” weather, sharing their favorite Fall activities or baking up something yummy that…

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