#ShareSmiles Graduation

Graduation Reception

June 9, 2015Danita

#ShareSmiles Graduation

It’s official….we have another graduate!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our second daughter’s high school graduation.  As a homeschooler, she chose not to have a traditional graduation ceremony but opted instead to combine this event with her Senior Piano Recital.  

Senior recital

We invited a few close friends and family, everyone enjoyed beautiful music by our daughter and other students, then we had a reception afterward to celebrate.  She wanted the graduation reception to be simple, but not too casual and to combine the graduation and music themes.

Senior recital

Our decorations were very simple

Senior recital

Gerber Daisies, which she loves

Senior recital

And Balloons, which we were super excited to find in the exact pattern of her invitations!

We kept the food simple and color coordinated…I adore matching food! I know, I’m a “food nerd.”


We had our daughter’s favorite….Cake Pops!  Our friend at Rosebud Bakery really helped us out by making these for us!  They were beautifully colored to match our decor and “Rosebud” has graciously given me permission to share her “secret” recipe for the Perfect Cake Pop. (coming soon)

sr recital

And I made a Piano Cake.  

Before you get too impressed, it was a cake mix, baked in piano shaped pans with plastic piano pieces.  Mostly, we ate the cake pops and let this cake be more for decoration.  

We are so thankful for all our family and friends who came out to celebrate this special occasion with our beautiful and talented daughter.

sr recital

Congratulations on a job well done!!








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