How to measure flour

How to Measure Flour

March 17, 2016Danita

How to measure flour

I’m starting a new series called Cooking Basics.  I firmly believe anyone can be a good cook, it just takes a little “know-how”.   

One of the first things to know when cooking or baking is How to Measure Flour properly.  It can make or break a recipe.  

You want to start with the right type of measuring cup.  Many people don’t realize there are two types.

How to measure flour

There is a difference!  If you’re going to cook (especially bake) I highly recommend investing in a set of dry measuring cups and at least one liquid.  I prefer metal for dry and this OXO for liquid.  

The metal cups will last forever and I love the design of the OXO, you can read it from the top…so much easier and more accurate.  

How to Measure Flour:

The most accurate way to measure flour is by weight.  This requires a digital kitchen scale which you may find useful for other thing.  However, this isn’t commonly practiced in the US.  

Dry measuring cups can be used as well but their accuracy depends on how you get the flour into the cup.   


Some recipes will specifically say to measure the flour by “spooning” it into the measuring cup.  This is the proper and way to measure.  

Fluff the flour 

Lightly spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup.  DON’T pack or tap

How to measure flour

Overfill, then use the straight edge of a knife to level flour with the top of the cup


How to measure flour

Although this is the easiest and possibly most common way of measuring flour, it is incorrect and the least accurate. Dipping tends to pack the flour into the cup and add too much to your recipe which can drastically change the texture or worse.  

Here’s great video from Crazy For Crusts that demonstrates perfectly.


  • Renee

    March 17, 2016 at 7:25 AM

    I am looking forward to your cooking tips! I, for one, would not have know what spooning the flour meant. I’m not familiar with some of the phrases and techniques used in recipes. Can’t wait to learn!

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