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August 8, 2015Danita
I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

Did you know, according to a recent survey, 82% of the nation’s moms never skipping brushing their teeth every night?  If fact, it’s prioritized over washing our faces before bed or removing make-up.  It just goes to show, even the busiest of moms make oral hygiene a top priority.

Really, we have to.  We’ve all taught our children to brush their teeth and we know, more is “caught than taught”.  If they don’t see us practicing the things we’ve tried to teach them, it speaks louder than our words.  If we want our children to develop good habits, of any kind, we have to model them and be a good example.  

I tried to make it as enjoyable as possible for my children to brush their teeth.  I would let them pick out fun toothbrushes they liked and it was always the last thing I would ask them before they headed off to bed. My daughters are grown and very responsible about taking care of their teeth.  My son’s orthodontist comments regularly about how well he’s doing taking care of his braces and keeping them clean.

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Recently, I received a new product from REACH®…. REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse.  It offers 8-in-1 benefits:

  • kills bad breath germs
  • helps prevent gingivitis
  • reduces plaque
  • fights tartar build-up
  • freshens breath
  • cleans the whole mouth
  • no burn of alcohol


I’ve never really been one to use mouthwash, mostly because of the “burn”.  REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse is different, no burn!  That’s one of the best things about it, for me, and with 8-in-1 benefits I love that it can make my night-time routine a little easier.

Besides all the health benefits it has a couple of practical ones as well.


It comes equipped with a toothbrush holder…


AND no-mess pump and complementary dosage cup!  Two of my favorite words, “NO-Mess” and “Complementary” (which just means FREE!)


Mom score!  I need all the help I can get with “messes” and anything that saves me space and means one less thing on the bathroom counter is a winner in my book.  


I also received the REACH® Complete Care™ CURVE Tooth brush.  It has a 13° triple angled neck and triple angled bristles to maximize contact with each tooth and help clean between teeth and around the gum line.  I love the soft bristles and how gently it cleans AND it fits perfectly in the toothbrush holder of my REACH® Complete Care™ Mouth Rinse!  


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