• Best Snickerdoodles…EVER

    July 25, 2017Danita

    My daughter has become somewhat “famous” for her Snickerdoodles, so we’ve dubbed them “Best Snickerdoodles….EVER” and so have many of the people she’s made them for.  If you love the perfectly soft, chewy, cinnamon deliciousness of Snickerdoodles, you’ll LOVE this recipe!  Lots of people have asked for the recipe, but first a few things we’ve…

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  • 25 Must Have Biscuit Recipes

    September 1, 2016Danita

    Welcome to National Biscuit Month…aka September!  We’re celebrating with 25 Must Have Biscuit Recipes! Summer’s over, everyone’s back in school and into the school-year routine.  While I love a routine, I’m always a little sad when we have to get back to the more structured months.  To ease back into the routine of things, all…

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  • Deliciously Diabetic German Chocolate Cake

    August 22, 2016Danita

    Although not a low-calorie dessert, this Deliciously Diabetic German Chocolate Cake is a very tasty sugar-free option for those who need to be watch their sugar intake.   Last week we celebrated my dad’s 74th birthday!  We asked him what he’d likfor his birthday and he requested 2 things…. Lunch at Cracker Barrel German Chocolate…

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  • 7 Tips for Successful Baking

    November 3, 2015Danita

    Fall is in full swing and that means BAKING!  I love “Baking Season” but sometimes baking can be a little intimidating.  My baking nemesis is pie crust.  I stand in awe of pie crust makers!  We have a friend who’s “famous” for her pies with homemade crusts.  Mine never seem to come out quite right.…

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  • Time Saving Tuesday Baking Tip

    February 17, 2015Danita

    Today’s Time Saving Tuesday is a baking tip I recently learned from “Grandma”, my MIL. Ingredients will incorporate better in your baking if they are allowed to come to room temperature first.  This may sound simple but it’s true.  We know most recipes that call for things like butter or cream cheese say to “soften”.…

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