• Italian Cream Soda

    June 7, 2016Danita

      Italian Cream Soda is one of our favorite summer drinks!  We have enjoyed them at several Italian restaurants but they’re so simple now we make them at home.  They’re cool, refreshing AND easy, that’s why we’ll be serving these on the “coffee bar” at my daughter’s wedding…for those non-coffee drinkers. Any flavor syrup can…

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  • Strawberry Blackberry Smoothie

    March 21, 2014Danita

    My son recently got braces and as anyone who has or has had braces knows, your eating changes.  Some foods are “off limits” altogether, some have to be modified, the way some are eaten has to be changed and some just aren’t worth the trouble.   For a few days after he got them on,…

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  • Whipped Cream Spoons

    November 14, 2013Danita

    With the holidays coming, and because I’m a bit of a “pack rat”, I am attempting to de-clutter. I’ve started this process with a few small tasks. One being to pare down my magazine collection. I really only read and enjoy one magazine….Southern Living. It reminds me of “home” and my Southern roots. Over the past…

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  • Caramel Apple Cider

    November 13, 2013Danita

    This is quite possibly my favorite “Holiday” drink!  It’s super easy and DELICIOUS!  It tastes just like Apple Pie.   We first made Caramel Apple Cider when my in-laws were visiting at Christmas. I had totally forgotten about it until my mother-in-law called the other day to ask me a question about it.  I couldn’t…

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  • Italian Soda

    August 7, 2013Danita

      Refreshing on a Hot Summer Day! We live in Texas and it gets HOT here!  That’s why we love these Italian Sodas.  We first had them at a well know Italian restaurant we like to visit.  They seemed easy enough to make, so I tried them at home. We loved them.  I have been…

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