• Cucumber Tomato Salad

    August 28, 2013Danita

    There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than vegetables fresh from the garden! A few days ago, our breakfast conversation turned to the subject of vegetable gardens.  My husband and I were explaining to our children that our grandparents ALWAYS had a large garden.  They lived in the country so they had room…

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  • Lacey Cheese Crisps

    August 16, 2013Danita

      They taste a lot like Cheeze-Its Last week we had a “game night” at our house.  We always enjoy casual gatherings, but every now and then it’s FUN to have a more “formal” dinner party.  When we do this I usually try to have appetizers for the guests to snack on while I’m finishing…

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  • Texas Trivia and Homemade Tortilla Chips

    August 6, 2013Danita

    Time for a little Texas Trivia! What is the official snack of the state of Texas? I know, all of you out there NOT from Texas are saying, “Texas has an official snack?”….Why, yes we DO! IT’S TORTILLA CHIPS AND SALSA! Is anyone REALLY surprised?  Not if you’re FROM Texas.  Official Snack of  Texas I…

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