• Mixed Berry Pavlova

    August 25, 2015Danita

    Pavlova is another one of “Grandma’s Recipes”, so you know it has to be good! (In case you’re new here, “Grandma” is NOT my grandma but my mother-in-law, my children’s grandma)  If you aren’t familiar with Pavlova, it’s is a wonderfully light dessert, perfect for company or “just because”.  It starts with a baked meringue shell…

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  • Key Lime Buttermilk IceBox Pie

    June 23, 2015Danita

    It would seem I’m on a bit of a “Key Lime” kick, lately.  I originally bought a bag of Key Limes and intended to make Key Lime Pie, but then realized I didn’t have most of the other ingredients required.  Instead we had Strawberry Limeade, Homemade Key Lime Curd and Lime Poppy Seed Scones, which were…

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  • Strawberry Limeade

    June 16, 2015Danita

    It rained A LOT here in Texas this spring!  Like, make the national news, amounts of rain.  It was CRAZY!   Yes, there was flooding.  Thankfully, we didn’t have any at our home….just a really “sloshy” yard.  Everyone in the neighborhood had very tall grass because it couldn’t be cut….either it was raining or had…

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  • Key Lime Poppy Seed Scones with Homemade Lime Curd

    May 27, 2015Danita

    Wordless Wednesday…. This is a variation of a Lemon Poppy Seed Scone recipe I found in my Taste of Home Baking Book and one of the things I did with my Key Lime Curd.  I hope you enjoy! Key Lime Poppy Seed Scones with Homemade Lime Curd Here’s the Recipe: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/4…

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  • Key Lime Curd

    May 22, 2015Danita

    A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a bag of key limes at the grocery store.  They weren’t very expensive and my husband loves Key Lime Pie so I figured it was a win-win. Well, I have done several things with those little beauties, but if we’re going to have any Key Lime Pie…

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