• Salsa in a Snap

    February 25, 2014Danita

    This is not a sponsored post.  I chose to write about Salsa in a Snap because I love it and wanted you to know about.   In Texas we LOVE salsa and homemade is the best!  I have made plenty of my own salsa but a couple of years ago my daughters and I came…

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  • Hamburger Sliders

    January 15, 2014Danita

    My daughters enjoy having friends over for a game night.  What goes better with good friends and games?  Great Food!   Even though Potato Skins and Chips and Salsa are always a big hit, we wanted to do something different this time.  We wanted something a little more substantial but still a “finger food”.  A…

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  • Whipped Cream Spoons

    November 14, 2013Danita

    With the holidays coming, and because I’m a bit of a “pack rat”, I am attempting to de-clutter. I’ve started this process with a few small tasks. One being to pare down my magazine collection. I really only read and enjoy one magazine….Southern Living. It reminds me of “home” and my Southern roots. Over the past…

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  • Crispy Pizza Rolls

    November 1, 2013Danita

    Once a month my husband has a book/Bible study with the men of our church.  The studies are designed to help our men grow as husbands, fathers, and Children of God. Each study usually lasts a few months and our church families usually take turns hosting the meetings in their homes. About twice a year…

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  • Chocolate Crescents

    October 24, 2013Danita

    This is one of those dishes that you only need to have once and you’re hooked. My mom loves these so I try to make them when my parents visit.  It just so happens, they will be here in a couple of days, but the recipe makes about thirty-two and we don’t need to eat…

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