Thanksgiving Post Day 11:

November 11, 2013Danita

Dane-Danita 12-09 Today I Am Thankful For:  My wonderful Husband, who makes me laugh!

My husband has many “jobs”, one being “editor” of this blog.  I write the post but before they go live he reads over them and often makes small changes in grammar, punctuation, or “tech” stuff.  

Friday, while at the grocery store, I remembered that the Kit Kat Cake post was pending his review.  I sent a quick text letting him know.  In a few minutes I received word back from him that it was posted and he had added an “anecdote” in the instructions.  I was a little curious about it but was pressed for time as the girls needed the car to go to piano lessons.  I figured it could wait until I got home to look it up.

I arrived home, put away the groceries, ate lunch then remembered this “anecdote“.  I looked it up and literally Laughed Out Loud!  This was the first I’d heard of his little “mistake”.

When he got home we had another good laugh over the whole thing as he told me he didn’t know it was a cake until he looked over from across the room and I was cutting into it!  

There’s no recipe today….just my husband who makes me laugh!

Have a blessed Monday!

P.S. If there’s mistakes in this, it’s because I posted without and “editor”


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