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August 7, 2018Danita
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Arches of all shapes and sizes are very popular right now for weddings.  The arch we’re using happens to be a pre-lit metal arch, but this easy decor could work with any type.  

My favorite piece in this decor is the Seeded Eucalyptus Garland from Fiftyflowers.com.  It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 5-200 feet.  Having this greenery already assembled saves so much time and effort.  Literally, all you do it take it out of the box and put it wherever you need it.  It doesn’t get much more stress-free than that!  

What You Need: 

Flowers we used:

*Flowers will vary depending on what colors you’re using for your event

Also Needed:

  • zip ties
  • sharp scissors or floral snips
  • ladder – these arches are taller than you realize!
  • Optional- floral wire

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Assemble the arch – Save yourself some time and just read the instructions!

Find the center at the top of the arch

Find the center of the garland and place it on the center of the arch

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Using zip ties, attach the garland to the arch in several places

Arrange garland leaves over zip tie so it doesn’t show

*If the ends of the zip tie are too long to hide in the greenery, snip them a little

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Determine which flowers to use as the focal point at the top of the arch.  (We chose the Dahlias)

Snip stems about 2-3 inches long and place them at the top of the arch, securing the stems between the greenery.  Floral wire can be used if they don’t feel secure

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Determine if you prefer a symmetrical or more asymmetrical layout.  

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

From there, begin to place flowers at desired intervals along the rest of the garland, alternating colors

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

If the arch has wires that need to be covered, take stems of the loose seeded eucalyptus and weave through

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Easy Wedding Arch Decor #ad #fiftyflowers

Honestly, this was so easy it took me longer to figure out how to put the arch together than it did to decorate it!  















  • Jennifer Everhart

    August 7, 2018 at 9:18 AM

    Very pretty!!! Can’t wait to see it in person. I love the colors and flower choices.

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