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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Giveaway

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Giveaway

For the past few months my favorite local grocery store has been undergoing some remodeling.  This weekend was their grand “re-opening” AND the whole chain was running a “stock up and save” sale.  So, of course, I HAD to go and “stock up”.  I should have taken a few photos of my “haul” but at the time I was more concerned about getting my heavy cart out to the car.  

Typically, when I restock I go for the frozen foods, fresh meat (that can be frozen) and canned goods.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fresh produce but when I buy lots of it, it’s hard to eat it all before it goes bad.  You know me, I love saving money at the grocery store, but it’s really not “saving” if you have to throw things out.

Rubbermaid #FreshWorksFreshness #ad

Thankfully, I just received a set of Rubbermaid® FreshWorks™ Produce Savers!  These storage containers are made specifically for storing produce and keeping it fresh longer.  Each container is designed with three parts….

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FreshVent™ Lid, which has a patented membrane to naturally regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, providing the optimal environment for produce to stay fresh.  And the filter never has to be replaced! 

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Giveaway

Produce Container, sized to perfectly fit produce.  There’s one for tomatoes, asparagus and green beans. 

 Rubbermaid #FreshWorksFreshness #ad

However, I found mushrooms, lettuce and grapes fit perfectly, too.

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And CrispyTray™ which elevates produce away from any moisture and allows for proper airflow, helping prevent spoiling.

 Rubbermaid #FreshWorksFreshness #ad

The other thing I LOVE about these containers…. no need to wash produce before storing.  In fact, it’s best NOT to wash or cut.  (For the record, I bought the mushrooms already cut) Simply remove from store packaging, place in container and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.  So, you save money AND time.  Gotta love that!!!

I was so inspired by these I even made a little video….

With the help of Rubbermaid, I’m also giving away a set of these wonderful containers so make sure (if you live in the U S and are over 18) you enter for a change to win.  Believe me, you’re gonna want a set (or two) of these!


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57 Responses

  1. amanda whitley

    i would stock up on strawberries ans and my kids go through them so quick especially when they go on sale.

    1. Danita

      On Sale is the best way to buy berries here. Just saw we have blackberries and raspberries on sale here so I know what’s going into my empty containers.

  2. JenniferAnne Keefer

    I would stock up on seedless green grapes cause they are so good and would stay much fresher in these containers!

  3. I almost always end of losing some of my fresh product because they go bad, I definitely need this Rubbermaid® FreshWorks™ Produce Savers! With the weather getting colder, I’m hoping I can make fewer stops at the grocery store with this produce savers.

  4. anytots2017

    I have this set already. It really helps keep everything fresh, longer. But thanks for the idea on the mushroom. I like buying them but don’t end up cooking them on time that they are no longer good in those box container they come on. I’ll try to get mushroom tomorrow and put it on them.

  5. Just curious, why shouldn’t you wash the vegetables before placing them in the containers? Is it because it will make it rot faster? I love these containers. Anything that will help keep my produce lasting longer is fantastic!

  6. nmetolen75

    These are exactly what I need! I buy a lot of produce both for my family and my guinea pigs. I would definitely stock up on strawberries because they go bad in like a day here for some reason. I also like to prepare salad mixes for my guinea pigs in advance but it always seems to wilt. I bet these would help with that, too!

  7. I love Rubbermaid products! I hadn’t seen these particular containers yet but now I need to go get some! I love how the veggies do not sit on the bottom of the container!

  8. Diana

    I would use these for our CSA haul each week. It’s so hard to eat up the fresh produce we get before it goes bad. Especially berries! This is a really great idea, it would save us a ton of money I bet, because we would quit tossing out produce that’s gone bad!

  9. These are the best containers! I started using them a few months ago and they really help my produce stay fresh longer. I have found that I am saving money but using these containers as well because I do not throw out as much produce that goes bad.

  10. Melanie

    My kids love strawberries and blueberries year round. I would definitely stock up on these items. But we keep so much produce in the refrigerator that I could use these with anything!

  11. Rubbermaid is our family go-to for keeping our food fresh. I love the brands scientific approach to making sure that food stays safe and edible. I love their products so much, I think I have more of these containers than plates to eat lol

  12. It’s nice that this company thought of the science of allowing the veggies or produce to “breathe” so they would be kept fresh while in storage. It’s a great time and money saver as well. Love this product!

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