• Southern Style Baked Beans

    January 27, 2016Danita

    I made this recipe back in the summer when we had some friends over for a cookout.  Usually, I buy prepared baked beans … in a can (I know, but they’re easy).  I decided it was high time I made them from scratch.  I thought they were good but it was confirmed when our friend’s…

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  • Four Bean Texas Chili

    February 24, 2015Danita

    WAA-HOOO!  It’s finally here!  Our SNOW DAY!  That’s right, after weeks of seeing and hearing on TV, Facebook, and radio about all the snow, ice and cold temps around the country, we are finally getting our SNOW DAY here in Texas.  When I say snow “day” that’s exactly what I mean…ONE day, which is why…

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  • Black Beans

    January 27, 2014Danita

    When we have Cuban Pork we always serve Black Beans and Yellow Rice.  Black beans are a “staple” in most Latin American cultures but I had never eaten them (or even knew there was such a thing) again, until I met my husband.  At that time I didn’t think I liked beans, but I loved…

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  • Taco Soup

    October 29, 2013Danita

    The last few days have been very BUSY!  Lots of exciting things are happening here and both sets of grandparents have come to share the fun!  One thing we girls like to do when the grandmas come is GO SHOPPING.  Is anyone really surprised that four ladies who only get together a few times a…

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