• Hamburger Sliders

    January 15, 2014Danita

    My daughters enjoy having friends over for a game night.  What goes better with good friends and games?  Great Food!   Even though Potato Skins and Chips and Salsa are always a big hit, we wanted to do something different this time.  We wanted something a little more substantial but still a “finger food”.  A…

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  • Pot Roast Soup

    December 30, 2013Danita

    Feeding a family on a budget is not always an easy thing to do. I’m always watching for sales and looking for recipes that taste great but are still budget friendly. We eat a lot of chicken, it’s economical and versatile but our family loves a good old fashion pot roast with potatoes and carrots!…

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  • Beef and Noodles

    November 20, 2013Danita

    My husband was taught (from very young) that there are some things you NEVER say to your wife. One of those things being, “That’s not the way my mom makes it”, and to his credit, he’s never said that to me. Although, this Beef and Noodles dish did prompt me to ask his mother for…

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  • After Eight Years In Texas…Tri Tip Is As Close As I Get To Brisket

    November 4, 2013Danita

    Today I am Thankful for…..God’s guidance and wisdom in my life This week we will celebrate our eighth year as Texans.  Little did we know as we unloaded the moving truck in our driveway how much this would change our lives.  It wasn’t our first “cross country” move but, Lord willing, it will be our…

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  • Big Red Soup

    September 23, 2013Danita

      It’s Fall…or at least it was Saturday! I must confess, although I enjoy being a “Texan”, I MISS the Fall, very much!  Lately, it seems as if everyone out there has been posting comments about how much they are enjoying their “cool” weather, sharing their favorite Fall activities or baking up something yummy that…

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