• Meal Planning and Recipes on Family Fun Friday

    November 6, 2014Danita

    Welcome to Family Fun Friday! Family Fun Friday is a collection of Family Friendly posts to help families connect. Whether it be through encouragement, homeschool printables, craft ideas, family activities or delicious family recipes, our goal is to promote family togetherness.  We hope you’ll stick around a while and check out some of the great ideas you…

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  • Beef Burgundy

    September 8, 2014Danita

    I’m always thankful and amazed to see the number of people from all over the country and around the world who stop by and visit here.  Most of my food would be considered “Southern Cooking” and sometimes I wonder if my readers know what I mean by that, so today I’d like to take a…

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  • Mom’s Famous Five

    July 2, 2014Danita

    Today is my son’s 13th birthday!   Since it’s summer and we aren’t on our typical schedule we can easily loose track of the date, which is exactly what my son did, until last week.  About mid-week he must have asked someone or seen the date somewhere and in a somewhat surprised voice said, “Hey…

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  • Pepper Steak

    April 9, 2014Danita

    This is another recipe that came with my husband.   When we were first married and my husband mentioned Pepper Steak, my mind went immediately to the Chinese version, but when I got this recipe from his mom, it wasn’t “Chinese” at all.  I was actually quite thankful because I don’t really like bell peppers and…

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  • Tuesday’s Time Saving Tip…Lasagna from the Freezer

    January 21, 2014Danita

    I am in the middle of what will quite possibly be the busiest two weeks of 2014! Knowing I would be out most of the day, every day, I wanted to make sure we didn’t have to eat fast food every night.  I tried to plan ahead.  First. I planned the menus around the days…

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