• Cinnamon Spoon Rolls

    December 5, 2013Danita

    A few days ago I posted our family’s favorite yeast roll recipe.  They’re called “Spoon Rolls” because the batter is dipped into muffins tins with a spoon.  The recipe makes about a dozen and a half and can be baked in smaller batches.  When I make them around the holidays I usually make a double…

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  • Spoon Rolls

    December 3, 2013Danita

    There’s nothing like a good, hot, homemade roll to complete a meal Homemade bread of any kind is wonderful!  The problem is….I’m not that great at it.  In fact, if there’s homemade bread at our house it’s usually because my husband and daughter have spent a Saturday together making it.   Another drawback for me,…

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  • No Rise Cinnamon Rolls

    September 10, 2013Danita

    Last weekend our daughter had a friend over to spend the night.  We wanted to make something special for breakfast.  I chose these No Rise Cinnamon Rolls because they take much less time than most homemade cinnamon rolls.  They looked (and tasted) so good I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.  They aren’t…

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  • Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

    September 1, 2013Danita

    This week’s first “tried and true” Southern favorite is….Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits! Learning to make biscuits was one of my cooking goals.  I will be right up front….IT TAKES PRACTICE!  I think everyone who makes or has attempted to make biscuits has had the “hockey puck” experience.  You know the one…the biscuits would have a better…

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  • Pizza Bruschetta

    August 29, 2013Danita

       I happened upon this recipe somewhat by accident.   A while back, I was looking through one of my many cookbooks for something new to make. For some reason, I was looking through a Weight Watcher’s cookbook.  I’m sure it was with some good intention to lose weight.  Whatever the case, I came across…

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