• Kit Kat Cake

    November 8, 2013Danita

      Today I am Thankful for:  Celebrating Goals Achieved!   In our family, when someone reaches a goal or milestone in their life, we like to celebrate.   The general rule for celebrating is, the bigger the accomplishment; the bigger the celebration.  When our middle daughter recently earned her black belt, we thought that called…

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  • Birthday Celebration Part 3 – Boliche

    October 4, 2013Danita

    This week I’ve been talking about how we celebrate birthdays.  So far I talked about where we went out to eat and the birthday cake. Now it’s time for the Birthday Meal at home.   Since most of our Birthday Traditions involve food, we can’t do ALL of them on the same day.  We went out for…

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  • Anniversary Dinner at Gloria’s

    August 3, 2013Danita

    I can hardly believe it!  We’ve been married 21 years.  Time does fly when you’re having FUN….as the old saying goes! So, what did we do to celebrate our 21st anniversary?  The same thing we do to celebrate ALL our anniversaries (and other special occasions, too).  Went OUT to eat! This year we chose to…

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