• Lettuce Wraps

    January 6, 2014Danita

    Happy New Year!  Can I still say that on January 6? It’s the beginning of a new year and along with that comes New Year’s Resolutions.  What is the number one thing people “resolve” to do every new year?  Lose weight or eat more healthy.  It’s a natural response to all the wonderful “holiday” eating…

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  • Italian Dressing Chicken

    October 31, 2013Danita

    I have always loved to watch cooking shows on TV.  I remember watching Julia Child when I was young, probably on PBS because we didn’t have cable.  My favorite has always been Paula Dean (even if she did say something thirty years ago that she now regrets; really, who hasn’t said something they’ve later regretted…probably…

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  • Rosemary Chicken With Almonds

    October 18, 2013Danita

    To a Southerner, there’s nothing that compares to fried food! There’s not much to say about this dish except that it is GOOD.  It’s official name is “Chicken Almondine”, that’s just a fancy way to say “chicken with almonds”.  The main spice for this recipe is rosemary, which my son used to call “sticks”.  He…

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  • Chicken Quesadillas

    September 26, 2013Danita

    As I looked back through my recent pictures to decide what to write about, I realized….We have had a lot of Mexican food  lately. Thankfully, my family enjoys it.   We had these Chicken Quesadillas with our Big Red Soup on Saturday.  They were made with an extra piece of chicken left from the night…

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  • Pork and Black Bean Nachos

    September 25, 2013Danita

    Last week my parents were visiting from Alabama.  They are preparing to move here to Texas and it was a busy, but fun, week looking at houses.  Because we were on the go I did a few crock pot meals which we ate for dinner and sometimes lunch the next day.  By the end of…

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