• Indian Tacos

    October 7, 2014Danita

    Saturday was National Taco Day!  If you’ve been here very often you know I love the “National Food Days” AND I really LOVE Tacos!   As it turns out, we recently had tacos (although, there’s rarely a time when we haven’t “recently” had tacos) but these were a new kind, for us.  I’ve been making…

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  • Mom’s Famous Five

    July 2, 2014Danita

    Today is my son’s 13th birthday!   Since it’s summer and we aren’t on our typical schedule we can easily loose track of the date, which is exactly what my son did, until last week.  About mid-week he must have asked someone or seen the date somewhere and in a somewhat surprised voice said, “Hey…

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  • Mexican Recipes on Family Fun Friday

    June 5, 2014Danita

    Hi and Welcome to Family Fun Friday! Family Fun Friday is a collection of Family Friendly posts to help families connect. Whether it be through encouragement, homeschool printables, craft ideas, family activities or delicious family recipes, our goal is to promote family togetherness.  We hope you’ll stick around a while and check out some of the great…

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  • Mexican Chocolate Sauce

    May 23, 2014Danita

    Another recipe I got from The Cake Boss to go along with the Churros was this really decadent Mexican Chocolate Sauce. When we made the Churros a couple of weeks ago, I knew they wouldn’t be complete without the Mexican Chocolate Sauce that goes with them.  I thought I had some frozen from the last…

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  • Churros

    May 19, 2014Danita

    For a while it seemed as if every other recipe here was something “Mexican”.  I wondered if you were thinking that’s all I knew how to cook, or if that’s all my poor family ever had to eat. Well, it’s not ALL we eat, but we do have it pretty often.  I decided to post…

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