• Time Saving Tuesday Mashed Potatoes

    November 11, 2014Danita

    Mashed Potatoes…A Thanksgiving Staple! I’ve come to realize from living in different areas of the country and talking to people from others, that holiday food is regional.  In the northeast, “filling” (made from white bread) is served with their turkey.  In the south, it’s cornbread dressing. In the Pacific northwest, the dressing is often made…

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  • Staying Organized with the 2015 Daily Planner

    November 4, 2014Danita

    Today, Time Saving Tuesday is all about staying organized. I’m so excited to share this review with you today!  This post is written on behalf of 2015 Daily Planner, but believe me when I say ALL opinions are my own. I have struggled for years to find the perfect planner.  When I was young and…

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  • Time Saving Tuesday Baked Bacon

    August 5, 2014Danita

    This week on Time Saving Tuesday I am sharing Making Bacon in the Oven…or Baked Bacon. Our family really enjoys a BIG breakfast…as long as it isn’t served before 10 a.m…and it usually includes Homemade Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Potatoes, grits, eggs and of course…BACON!   Making bacon can be a messy business and take…

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  • Time Saving Tuesday Peeling Sweet Potatoes

    July 22, 2014Danita

    This Time Saving Tuesday Peeling Sweet Potatoes is something I learned from a friend several years ago.  As with most all of my “Time Saving Tuesday” tips it was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner” moments!   If you’ve ever tried to peel and cut a sweet potato you know it’s…

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