• Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant

    December 27, 2013Danita

    Here at O Taste and See, I blog what we eat. Looking back over the last couple of weeks, it would seem all we’ve eaten here is COOKIES! It is true, we have had more than our share of cookies, but we have had a few others things as well. One of the things my…

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  • Making Appetizers at Home: Potato Skins

    October 15, 2013Danita

    One of the great things about going out to eat….appetizers! Appetizers are a wonderful invention!  Who came up with them anyway?  The French?  It sounds like a “French” word, maybe?  And what does it mean?  I have an idea…”reason to eat something really yummy before dinner”….but only at a restaurant.  What do we call it…

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  • Breakfast Pizza

    August 30, 2013Danita

    For almost three years our family traveled all over the country visiting churches and representing the mission agency my husband works with.  That meant many things…seeing much of God’s amazing creations in nature, meeting wonderful people, experiencing new things and staying at A LOT of hotels.  Thankfully, we like staying at hotels and our favorite…

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