• Zesty Salsa Chicken Fingers

    May 12, 2015Danita

    The first thing I need to tell you about these Zesty Salsa Chicken Fingers is……there’s NO salsa in the recipe.  Sorry, I know you may be slightly disappointed but only until you taste them!   A couple of months ago I did a sponsored post for a new flavor of Pringles tortilla chips.  Some of…

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  • Caprese Chicken and Gift Basket Giveaway!

    March 29, 2015Danita

    “” We eat a lot of chicken so I’m always looking for new chicken recipes.  Recently, I was introduced to the Mezzetta Everything Spreads.   They’re called “Everything Spread” because that’s what you can do with them….Everything! The spreads are available in four mouthwatering flavors.  I chose Garlic & Parmesan as well as Sun-Dried Tomato…

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  • Old Fashion Chicken ‘n Dumplins

    March 4, 2015Danita

    I am a Southerner through and through and love good Southern Comfort Food.  BUT, there are a few “Southern” things I’ve never done and some “Southern” foods I just don’t really like.  I do realize admitting these things could be equated with sacrilege.  However, here it goes…. Southern Things I’ve Never Done: Been to Graceland.…

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  • Honey Orange Chicken

    February 19, 2015Danita

    Our family enjoys eating a variety of “ethnic” foods.  Mexican is probably our (or at least my) favorite but we also like Chinese food.  Now, when I say “Chinese”, I mean the Americanized version.  I’ve been overseas and I realize our version of a country’s food is often very different from the “real deal”.  …

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  • Cola-Q Chicken

    January 25, 2015Danita

    One thing Texans loves is grilling!  Thankfully, the weather here permits us to have a long “grilling” season, but there are times in the “off-season” when we just can’t wait any longer and brave the elements for a good ol’ piece of grilled meat.  January tends to be our coolest month and we get rain,…

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