• Apple Cider Pancakes

    December 17, 2014Danita

    My daughter was given a small bottle of pure Maple syrup by her friend, Allison, who visited Vermont.  She didn’t want to use it on just any old “ordinary” pancakes.  Allison also loves to cook and has some really great ideas, so my daughter asked if she had an especially good recipe for pancakes.  She…

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  • Sweet Potato Casserole

    December 6, 2013Danita

    Sweet Potatoes…A Real Southern “Delicacy”  Having lived in three different regions of the country, it’s very evident that food is regional. In Pennsylvania my favorite regional food was Philly Cheese Steaks, now in Texas probably Chips and Salsa, but nothing says “Southern Food” like sweet potatoes.   Other regions eat them too, but in the…

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  • Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie

    December 2, 2013Danita

    We have many traditions that are very important to our family. Some of these have come from my husband’s side of the family, some from mine and some we’ve established on our own. Probably, my husband’s most loved is our “pie” tradition. This one is relatively new for us as it started only after we…

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  • Pecan Pie

    November 28, 2013Danita

    Pecan Pie – A Southern Thanksgiving Tradition Pecan Pie brings back wonderful memories for me.  The most wonderful being memories of my grandmother.  She was a wonderful woman who had much influence in my life, including passing along to me her love of cooking.   I spent much of my childhood in her kitchen.. That’s…

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  • Caramel Pecan Spice Cake

    November 15, 2013Danita

    Fall is the perfect season for baking, although now that my daughters are older, they do most of the baking around here. This Caramel Pecan Spice Cake was made from “scratch” by my oldest daughter.  When I was her age, I loved to bake, but never dreamed of making a “scratch” cake.  I was very…

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