• Texas Snow Day

    December 9, 2013Danita

    If you’ve been watching the weather, or you live in Texas, you know….it got cold AND we got ICE…and all before Christmas!  Winter weather is rare here anytime, but before Christmas is almost unheard of. Gotta love that “Global Warming”, right? Anyway, we’re on our second day of below freezing temperatures and tomorrow isn’t looking…

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  • Thanksgiving Post Day 11:

    November 11, 2013Danita

    Today I Am Thankful For:  My wonderful Husband, who makes me laugh! My husband has many “jobs”, one being “editor” of this blog.  I write the post but before they go live he reads over them and often makes small changes in grammar, punctuation, or “tech” stuff.   Friday, while at the grocery store, I…

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  • Black Belt

    November 5, 2013Danita

    An Exciting Week! We’ve had an exciting week here…Lots of fun things going on! Our parents came to visit we made the Pee Wee football playoffs, we had a party, and the biggest news of the week….Our Middle Daughter tested and RECEIVED her BLACK BELT in Tae Kwon Do!!! This has been an long anticipated…

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  • Texas State Fair The Food!

    October 23, 2013Danita

    The Texas State Fair AKA The Fried Food Capital of Texas Our family has a Tradition of going to the State Fair every other year, and this was our year to go.  We took the day off work and school (don’t worry we home school… no truancy laws were broken) and made a day of…

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  • Texas State Fair 2013 Part 1

    October 21, 2013Danita

    The last couple of months have been extremely busy for our family.  Our oldest daughter is a face painter so fall is her super busy season. Our middle daughter is testing for her Black Belt in a week, which means three karate classes a week plus hours of practice at home. Then our son is…

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