• Time Saving Tuesday: Starting the School Year Right with Healthy Choice

    August 23, 2016Danita

    Special thanks to Healthy Choice for starting our school year right and sponsoring this Time Saving Tuesday.  As always, all opinions are my own. I am starting to plan for back to school and for this Time Saving Tuesday I’m sharing lunch ideas. Schools here started this week and I’m sure most of you are…

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  • Time Saving Tuesday – Is There a Doctor in the House?

    July 12, 2016Danita

    This post is sponsored by Mom Trends and their client Amwell.  However, all content and opinions are my own.  Today’s Time Saving Tuesday answers the question…..Is there a doctor in the house?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact there IS, thanks to modern technology and Amwell! Technology is a wonderful thing and helps us save…

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  • Making and Freezing Baked Meatballs

    March 24, 2015Danita

    Spaghetti, probably one of the easiest weeknight meals of all time.  We used to have it just about every Wednesday night.   Spaghetti and meatballs however, not so quick and easy.  It takes planning.  First, there’s remembering to get the hamburger out of the freezer, then there’s mixing and forming the meatballs, next there’s browning…

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  • Best Way to Clean a Microwave

    January 6, 2015Danita

    Have you ever opened the microwave to find someone re-heated spaghetti?  The splatter is unmistakable.  And have you further opened to find this splatter baked on because no one bothered to clean it up and the microwave was used several time since?   I can’t believe I just showed you our dirty microwave.  Please tell…

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  • Quick Soaking Dried Beans

    December 30, 2014Danita

    Dried beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein.  They’re economical and versatile.  The only drawback….they need to be soaked several hours before cooking, best done overnight.  It’s a simple step that requires little effort but one I have a difficult time remembering.  Today on Time Saving Tuesday, I’m going to share with you…

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