• Why We Celebrate Christmas, Part 1

    December 23, 2013Danita

    Our family at a recent performance of Handel’s Messiah Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year!  It’s a time filled with busyness, giving & receiving, and lots of eating. But what is it really all about and why are celebrating anyway? Although Christmas, as is so clearly stated in the name, is about the…

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  • Russian Tea Cakes

    December 18, 2013Danita

    Remember that “Snow Day” we had here in Texas? We spent that day baking cookies and I’ve spent the last week or so blogging about them. Finally, today I get to MY favorite Christmas cookie … Russian Tea Cakes. Maybe you’ve never heard them called by that name.  I’ve seen other recipes that are very…

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  • Texas Snow Day

    December 9, 2013Danita

    If you’ve been watching the weather, or you live in Texas, you know….it got cold AND we got ICE…and all before Christmas!  Winter weather is rare here anytime, but before Christmas is almost unheard of. Gotta love that “Global Warming”, right? Anyway, we’re on our second day of below freezing temperatures and tomorrow isn’t looking…

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  • Sweet Potato Casserole

    December 6, 2013Danita

    Sweet Potatoes…A Real Southern “Delicacy”  Having lived in three different regions of the country, it’s very evident that food is regional. In Pennsylvania my favorite regional food was Philly Cheese Steaks, now in Texas probably Chips and Salsa, but nothing says “Southern Food” like sweet potatoes.   Other regions eat them too, but in the…

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  • Texas State Fair The Food!

    October 23, 2013Danita

    The Texas State Fair AKA The Fried Food Capital of Texas Our family has a Tradition of going to the State Fair every other year, and this was our year to go.  We took the day off work and school (don’t worry we home school… no truancy laws were broken) and made a day of…

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