• Texas State Fair 2013 Part 1

    October 21, 2013Danita

    The last couple of months have been extremely busy for our family.  Our oldest daughter is a face painter so fall is her super busy season. Our middle daughter is testing for her Black Belt in a week, which means three karate classes a week plus hours of practice at home. Then our son is…

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  • Celebrating a Birthday Part 4 – The Gifts

    October 7, 2013Danita

    This is the fourth and final post about celebrating a birthday…my husband’s. As I mentioned in previous posts, we have special Birthday Traditions, most of which involve food.  This year even the gifts my husband received were food related.  Here’s how…. It was about a week or so before his birthday and my children and…

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  • Celebrating A Birthday, Part 1

    October 2, 2013Danita

    This isn’t actually a picture of us going out for his birthday.   We are still getting used to the idea of taking pictures of everything we do As I mentioned yesterday, my husband had a birthday.  In our family, when celebrating a birthday you get to go out to a restaurant of your choice.…

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  • Birthday Traditions

    October 1, 2013Danita

    Our family enjoys traditions.  We believe family traditions are very important.  They are a great way to make wonderful memories, pass along family history, and encourage unity.  It is for that reason that we have traditions for almost every holiday or occasion…including birthdays.  There are four things we usually do for birthdays in our family.…

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  • Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

    September 5, 2013Danita

    Southern Favorite #4 – Pound Cake Pound Cake…for those who have experienced them, that’s all you have to say! Pound cake is one of the “go to” Southern desserts (the other being banana pudding)  It comes in seemingly hundreds of varieties.  Almost every Southern lady has her favorite pound cake recipe.   People in other…

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