• Tamale Pie

    October 6, 2015Danita

    Time Saving Tuesday is back….finally! Let’s start with a little riddle….. What combines the official Texas state food with one of the best Deep South foods? Give up?  Ok, I’ll give you a hint…it’s the recipe for this post.  Tamale Pie! If you’ve never heard of Tamale Pie, it’s chili (the official state food of…

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  • Making Leftover Night Special with EDWARDS® Pies

    July 27, 2015Danita

    This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and EDWARDS®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #EdwardsPies http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV My son and I had our first official “Texas Summer” moment last week.  It’s that moment when you comment to each other how “nice” and “not so hot”…

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  • Key Lime Buttermilk IceBox Pie

    June 23, 2015Danita

    It would seem I’m on a bit of a “Key Lime” kick, lately.  I originally bought a bag of Key Limes and intended to make Key Lime Pie, but then realized I didn’t have most of the other ingredients required.  Instead we had Strawberry Limeade, Homemade Key Lime Curd and Lime Poppy Seed Scones, which were…

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  • Thanksgiving Family Favorites

    November 15, 2014Danita

      We all know Thanksgiving is quite possibly the biggest food holiday.  I mean really, the original Thanksgiving was centered around food, for the purpose of thanking God for a bountiful harvest and provisions for another year.  Hundreds of years later we still carry on that tradition with a feast celebrated with family and friends.…

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  • Individual Apple Berry Cobbler

    August 6, 2014Danita

    It just wouldn’t be right to have a week without a dessert post!  This week it’s Individual Apple Berry Cobbler. My husband and middle daughter LOVE pies and cobblers, my son and I like them and although our oldest daughter doesn’t eat them she really enjoys making them.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before in…

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