• All American Dessert Round Up

    June 30, 2014Danita

    This week we celebrate our nation’s birth!  And Celebration = Food! We Americans LOVE dessert and often the sweeter, the better.  Every country has it’s own spin on dessert, usually related to the things grown naturally there.  Today I’ve put together an All American Dessert Round Up featuring six desserts that may not be “unique”…

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  • Cherry Pie

    June 2, 2014Danita

    YEAH!  Summer is here!!! It feels like I’ve been waiting FOR-EVER to share this Cherry Pie with you.  I always make it at Christmas but it’s the perfect Summer pie.  It’s so easy ANYONE can make it…really, even if you don’t think you can cook…THIS you can do.  Trust me!  You’re family will love it…

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  • Bacon Swiss Quiche

    March 6, 2014Danita

    Although I’ve never read it, every time I make Quiche I think of the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche. I really enjoy Bacon Swiss Quiche but I don’t make it too often because most of my family doesn’t really like it. One of my daughters used to eat it because we called it “Bacon…

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  • Pecan Pie

    November 28, 2013Danita

    Pecan Pie – A Southern Thanksgiving Tradition Pecan Pie brings back wonderful memories for me.  The most wonderful being memories of my grandmother.  She was a wonderful woman who had much influence in my life, including passing along to me her love of cooking.   I spent much of my childhood in her kitchen.. That’s…

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