• Kit Kat Cake

    November 8, 2013Danita

      Today I am Thankful for:  Celebrating Goals Achieved!   In our family, when someone reaches a goal or milestone in their life, we like to celebrate.   The general rule for celebrating is, the bigger the accomplishment; the bigger the celebration.  When our middle daughter recently earned her black belt, we thought that called…

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  • Crispy Pizza Rolls

    November 1, 2013Danita

    Once a month my husband has a book/Bible study with the men of our church.  The studies are designed to help our men grow as husbands, fathers, and Children of God. Each study usually lasts a few months and our church families usually take turns hosting the meetings in their homes. About twice a year…

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  • Making Appetizers at Home: Potato Skins

    October 15, 2013Danita

    One of the great things about going out to eat….appetizers! Appetizers are a wonderful invention!  Who came up with them anyway?  The French?  It sounds like a “French” word, maybe?  And what does it mean?  I have an idea…”reason to eat something really yummy before dinner”….but only at a restaurant.  What do we call it…

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  • Frozen Cookies and Cream Dessert

    October 10, 2013Danita

      Technically it’s Fall, but here it’s warm again, and as long as it’s warm we might as well have ice cream, right? As I was preparing to have our church ladies over, I remembered this dessert. It had been YEARS since I’d made it.  In fact, so many years my children didn’t remember ever…

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  • Lacey Cheese Crisps

    August 16, 2013Danita

      They taste a lot like Cheeze-Its Last week we had a “game night” at our house.  We always enjoy casual gatherings, but every now and then it’s FUN to have a more “formal” dinner party.  When we do this I usually try to have appetizers for the guests to snack on while I’m finishing…

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